Client Success

At JP International, our goal is to assist our clients in all aspects of their business and strategic development plans, ensuring success. Whether it is a new product launch, establishing a sales and distribution network or negotiating a cornerstone international partnership we have the tools, the relationships and the resources in place to make your vision come into focus on a global stage.

There is a sense of trust and sound business integrity woven into the fabric of every business model or assignment we approach. In every case with no exceptions it is the, talented, bright and hard-working people surrounding these business models that thrust things forward.

Here is what a few of them have to say about us:

Captivate Network is a digital programming and advertising network that informs and entertains business professionals and working consumers in office elevators, lobbies, and high traffic consumer areas with state of the art media displays.

"We hired JP International to analyze our international expansion opportunities. They immediately gathered the right information in each global marketplace and arranged it in such a way that we were able to efficiently analyze the international market opportunities".

- Mike DiFranza, President, Captivate Network

Precor is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of fitness and exercise products. The international division manages distribution of both home and commercial fitness products to over 100 countries throughout the world.

"Joe Plastino, from JP International, is a natural born leader with in-depth expertise in forming dynamic, successful multicultural teams as global solution providers. There is a passion for doing what is right ever present in all aspects of the work. He sets expectations high and then supports them all the way".

- Maria Bianchi, International Manager, Asia Pacific, Precor Inc.

HealthyLogics is a Seattle-based health and medical technology company which is revolutionizing healthy living with a patent-pending eating biofeedback device. The company inspires people to change the way they eat, exercise and sleep while providing guidance and support for those committed to lose weight and the pursuit of an active healthy lifestyle.

"As a member of our Board of advisors, Joe Plastino from JP International provided critical advice in many areas. In addition to his qualifications in distribution channels and overall international strategy, he also had a profound impact on our funding strategy with investors. Simply a great resource and can count on him 24/7 for honest, educated direct feedback when needed".

- Olivier Contant, CEO, HealthyLogics, Inc.

ClubCom is a pioneer and leader in the expanding digital out-of-home media sector. They construct and operate private television networks for targeted communal audiences, primarily health clubs and bowling centers. Acquired by Zoom Media and Marketing in 2008, ClubCom operates its network in numerous countries around the world.

"We engaged JP International to assess the global opportunities for our company. This included market research, potential structures and partners for financial modeling. The deliverable JP provided was comprehensive, timely and gave us a spot-on road map to navigate the international landscape. We will continue to use them as a go-to resource for our strategic planning, no question".

- Tom Lapcevic, President, ClubCom, a division of Zoom Media and Marketing

Anytime Fitness is the fastest growing company in the athletic club and fitness segment. They proudly have over 1,200 gyms open to date with a similar number sold and awaiting opening.

"We retained Joe Plastino of JP International to perform the due diligence, financial analysis and negotiation of the master franchise rights for Anytime Fitness in Japan. He did such an outstanding job in his analysis, modeling and contract drafting that we brought him onto our senior management team as the officer in charge of corporate strategy and development. In addition to the initial scope of his engagement, Joe helped us in setting up and structuring our organization to allow for efficient and flexible capital raising options in addition to a wide variety of strategic direction options".

- Toru Yamazaki, CEO, Anytime Fitness Japan

Style for Life is a privately-held Seattle health and fitness company, which markets its line of WBV exercise equipment online and via affiliate marketing. JP International performed a re-organization of the whole supply chain from source factory to warehousing and distribution, as well as out-sourced financial functions and re-branded the company to vibeRx, "Your prescription for a healthy lifestyle".

"Joe Plastino is one of those rare people who has a unique combination of having an amazing business mind combined with friendliness, honesty and a great heart. When I first hired him as a consultant, I was so impressed I asked him to run my entire company".

- Randy Balcom, Founder, Style For Life Inc - vibeRx